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05/09/2017:  In the late winter of 2001 into the spring of 2002, the Association determined that a dedicated Web Site was needed in order to properly present and market its services to the public.  To that end, the, com and net domains were identified and acquired at no cost to the Association

Through the generosity of an AAAA parent / official, space on a local server was made available at no cost to the Association.  The necessary / required software was researched and acquired by a private individual again, at no cost to the Association.  The Web Site was first published to the World-Wide Web on 26 September 2002 and has been in constant operation ever since.

By mid-2005, and as expected, the volunteer services of the original host server became unavailable and it was necessary to engage another local hosting service, with significant costs now attached.   That server acquisition was managed privately with no Association involvement.  At the outset and for a short period of time in the 2004 - 2005 time frame, the Association did assume responsibility for server costs and domain registrations.  But since mid-2010, the Association has never provided financial support of any kind for any aspect of the Web Site.  All of those costs were and still are managed privately.

As of the second quarter of 2017 and for the past seven years, the Association has had a fully functioning Web Site, with a near full-time Web Master for which they have not supported financially it in any way for nearly seven years, i.e. a free service to the Association in providing data and information to its San Antonio clientele.

In addition, certain management decisions made by the Association's Board of Directors (BoD) during 2010,  negatively impacted the ability of the Web Site to serve its clientele in the manner originally envisioned as they still do today.

All software and all server costs are managed privately and have been since mid-2010.  The three domains are also owned and managed privately, all as a result of the BoD management decisions noted earlier.  This arrangement is not without its negative repercussions, but all attempts to resolve the problems thus created have failed.

05/19/2017 Despite the fact that AAAA has a free, fully functional Web Site, there are nevertheless elements within the organization who do not wish to conform to the Site's Standards and Practices, which have been in place for nearly 11 years.  It seems that perhaps this reluctance is mostly due to the fact that the AAAA BoD does not exercise absolute control of the Site, which is a direct result of the management decisions made by the BoD in 2010 and alluded to earlier.  There is also some suggestion the reluctance is of a more personal nature.  There is a small possibility some attitudinal reorientation may occur in the next few weeks, but that remains to be seen.  Meanwhile at this moment, it is unclear exactly how this present situation will play out over the summer and into the fall High School and Club seasons.

05/22/2017:  The present situation has compromised the posting of a significant amount of both data and information regarding certain summer long course meets in the Metro Area.  As has been the case previously, all attempts to easily resolve the matter and bring the data, etc. back to the Site have been unsuccessful.

05/24/2017 As the present situation drags on, with elements of the AAAA declining to utilize the Web Site as their primary source of data and information presented to the clientele it serves, it is becoming increasingly obvious the current AAAA Web Site may cease to exist in the not-too-distant future.  It cannot continue to exist in its present form with only PART of the organization participating in its care and feeding.  Whether it might then return (with the same Web Address) in some other form and serving a perhaps wider, more inclusive and diverse clientele is unknown at this time, but is most certainly under consideration.

05/27/2017:  As the San Antonio Swimming Community is aware, one of the organizational elements of the AAAA is undergoing significant changes at the highest level of its management.  Applications for the post closed on 10 May 2017.  It is believed no applicants from outside the organization's sphere of influence were interviewed for the position, so it appears certain the new manager will be hired from within the organization.