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04/07/2018 A Crack Has Re-opened In AAAA!

After nearly seven years of sturm and drang in the management and operation of the AAAA Web Site (, changes in the senior management within one of the elements of the organization seemed to offer some hope the constant tension and dysfunction might be overcome or at least tamped down a bit.  Certain early developments also seemed encouraging as regards both High School and Club competition.

However, in recent weeks it has become apparent, with regard to Club Swimming, that no real changes are actually possible and there will continue to be problems with Meet Informations, Meet Results, Commlink Files, etc.

The root of these problems is the almost complete reluctance of one particular element of AAAA to adhere and conform to long-standing, legitimized Policies and Procedures (S & Ps) which have governed the operation and execution of the Web Site for some 11 years.

Exactly why this reluctance has been allowed to fester and grow is not at all discernable.  Most assuredly, the AAAA Board of Directors (BoD) has, within its power; the tools and ability to regulate the actions and / or inactions of its members.  But for reasons that continue to defy explanation, they seem to have chosen to essentially ignore the matter.

As a consequence, beginning earlier this month (April), certain kinds of data and information originating from one element of AAAA will no longer appear on the AAAA Web Site.

For the time being, this data / information absence will involve ONLY Club Swimming.  High School data / information are not expected to be effected, at least in the short-term.  Time will tell.
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